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Estate Administration Disputes

An estate administration requires the utmost care on the part of a personal representative. He or she owes a duty to creditors and beneficiaries to follow the law and properly administer the assets of the decedent.

Estate administration disputes often involve allegations that the personal representative:

    • Failed to appropriately distribute estate assets to beneficiaries
    • Failed to properly prepare estate accountings
    • Failed to provide beneficiaries with estate information
    • Failed to invest estate assets prudently
    • Failed to protect estate assets such as real estate
    • Engaged in self-dealing/conflict of interest
    • Charged excessive fees or made inappropriate administrative expenditures
    • Failed to follow the terms of the will or Minnesota intestate law
    • Failed to collect estate assets
    • Stole estate assets

Family discord can also be the source of estate administration disputes. Such disputes often involve:

    • Claims by family members against an estate
    • Claims over ownership of financial accounts
    • Determination of whether personal property is an estate asset

Regardless of what the claim is, our team of skilled attorneys can help resolve it.

Experience Matters In Estate Administration Disputes

We have been trying estate administration disputes for over 37 years. As experienced probate court litigators, we understand these matters are often emotionally charged. We have represented personal representatives and beneficiaries. Our experience has provided us with valuable insights necessary to determine the appropriate strategy for aggressively pursuing the goals of the client in an estate administration dispute. Call us to discuss your case at 612-922-2260 or fill out an online form to get in touch.

“Practical advice and understanding of the law.”

Jim has helped me with several contested estate administrations involving claims against the estate, real estate disputes and dysfunctional family members. As a professional personal representative, I appreciate his practical advice and understanding of the law.

—Mary M.
Minneapolis, MN