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Contested trust issues are similar to those seen in contested will cases, including assertions that the trust was created without sufficient mental capacity, was the result of undue influence or was not correctly executed.

Quite often, trust disputes involve allegations that the trustee:

    • Failed to appropriately distribute trust assets to beneficiaries
    • Failed to properly prepare trust accountings
    • Failed to provide beneficiaries with trust information
    • Failed to invest trust assets prudently
    • Failed to protect trust assets such as real estate
    • Engaged in self-dealing/conflict of interest
    • Charged excessive fees or made inappropriate administrative expenditures
    • Failed to follow trust terms
    • Misappropriated trust assets

A trust can be a long and complicated document. Occasionally a trust document is unclear in its intent, and is considered an ambiguous trust. A court will not declare the trust void, but will hear arguments from competing parties about the trust maker’s intent.

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John represented me in a lawsuit against my brother who was a trustee. From the beginning John understood my case and pursued my brother persistently and thoroughly. It was a long fight, but in the end, we got justice.

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